Alicia Gonzales, Miss Thurston County 2013

Alicia Gonzales was crowned Miss Thurston County 2013 at North Thurston Performing Arts Center on October 14, 2012. She will compete in the Miss Washington 2013 beauty pageant for the right to represent the Washington State at the Miss America 2014 beauty pageant.

Alicia Gonzales, Miss Thurston County 2013

Alicia Gonzales, Miss Thurston County 2013

Miss Thurston County is a local preliminary to the Miss Washington and Miss America Organizations. Its mission is Building Futures One Scholarship at a Time.
The MTCSP provides an opportunity for young women to fulfill their potential. The participants are some of the most promising women in our area. They are goal-oriented role models who are striving to take advantage of the resources to help achieve academic goals. The scholarship program is made up of dedicated community members who believe in the idea that talent, commitment, and hard work can hel
p achieve personal success and better the community.
Participants are required to adopt a platform, and to serve their community on behalf of these and other causes. With the help of program Board of Directors, volunteers and community supporters, doors are opened for lifelong opportunities.
• Miss Thurston County addresses community civic groups, partners, and other venues about issues concerning her platform.
• Miss Thurston County uses the “power of the crown” and the passion of participants to raise dollars and awareness for her platform and other charities.
• Miss Thurston County travels throughout the community, endorsing her platform. The MTCSP becomes a visible and influential voice, advancing the cause of charities looking for advocacy, support, and increased awareness.

The MTCSP was formed in 1975 by individuals who had the goal of helping local young women achieve success. The program has made an impact in many lives, fulfilling the dreams of many in our community for over 34 years. The program Board of Directors and volunteer efforts have resulted in over 264 participants benefiting in the form of personal, professional, and educational growth. The success has included the distribution of over $80,000 in scholarships, helping meet the financial struggles of educational expenses!

The success of the MTCSP is due to the partnerships developed between the program and community supporters. Sponsors and local businesses contribute greatly to the scholarship funds and the awards provided to participants.

Contestants have the chance to shine even more, having the opportunity to go further. It starts at the local level – MTCSP. The dream can then continue to state and then national. All three levels are under one umbrella, the Miss America Organization. The potential of scholarships and opportunities grows by building confidence, cultivating skills, earning scholarships, showcasing strengths, and serving the community.

Courtesy of Miss Washington Scholarship Organization.

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