Anna Diouf Crowned Miss Senegal 2014

Anna Diouf was crowned Miss Senegal 2014 at the conclusion of the outdoor event at the Lamantin Beach Hôtel in Saly on March 29th, 2014. AS a tradition, the winner of Miss Senegal goes to the regional Miss CEDEAO pageant in Cote D’Ivoire.

Anna Diouf - Miss Senegal 2014

Newly crowned Miss Senegal 2014 Anna Diouf (C) and her runners-up.

Anna Diouf is working as a model. She is also pursuing her Bachelor Degree. Her career’s ambition is to become an air hostess.

Speaking to the press after her coronation, Anna wants to fight against child begging. “I am disgusted when I see children left to themselves, trying to reach out to survive, in inhumane conditions,” said Anna.

The first runner-up is Seynabou Thiam of Dakar and the second runner-up is Aïda Gomez of Fatick.

There has been rumor that some of the contestants had received sexual propositions from organizers in exchange for the crown of Miss Senegal. However, Diouf denounced the rumor which she said is unfounded.

“In my case, nobody made me so proposals. This morning, through the press, I learned this information. We were in several rooms and I have not seen or heard one of the girls complain about it. It was with great surprise that I learned these charges,” said Anna.

It turned out that one of the contestants had started the rumor for not having placed in the contest. 14 women competed for the coveted title.

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