Ashley Powell Crowned Miss South Yorkshire 2013

Ashley Powell was crowned Miss South Yorkshire 2013 at the end of the event held at Consort Hotel, Thurcroft, Rotherham on Friday 15th of March 2013. The beauty from SHEFFIELD is 18 years old and stands 5’9”. With the tittle, Ashley will compete in the finals of Miss England 2013, scheduled to take place in Torquay on 16th June 2013.

Ashley Powell, Miss South Yorkshire 2013

Miss South Yorkshire 2013 Ashley Powell (C) and her runners-up.

The first runner-up was Maryann Cunningham and the second runner-up was Imogen Mitchell. According to the Miss South Yorkshire facebook, the 1st runner up Maryann Cunningham has recently won Miss York 2013, she will be joining Ashley at the Miss England final in June. The 2nd runner up Imogen Mitchell went on to be crowned Miss Sheffield 2013 and will be in the Semi finals this month as will our public vote winner Charlotte Poulton, well done and good luck to all of these South Yorkshire girls !!

Imogen Mitchell, Miss Sheffield 2013

2nd runner up Imogen Mitchell went on to be crowned Miss Sheffield and will be in the Semi finals.

Miss South Yorkshire 2013 Ashley Powell Bio:

I can truly say I have thoroughly enjoyed my time through education and I am now thriving in my first year at university. I admire my former school for the many opportunities and challenges it has presented me through my seven years there. A challenge in its self was the honour of being chosen as a school captain. I was selected on the basis that I presented the qualities befitting of a good role model for the younger pupils through sporting, academic, musical and creative achievements. I also gained a sport scholarship into sixth form that required me to be at an academic high standard. Becoming a CCF cadet through school was an enormous opportunity; I gained shooting skills, a disciplined nature and the ability to cook in the wilderness without burning the whole forest down (always a handy skill to have). During 2011 I undertook many opportunities, from gaining national pool lifeguard qualifications, passing grade five singing and also competing in the regional competition Miss. South Yorkshire 2011 aged 16. During the competition my mind was broadened by the charities I worked alongside of; Safe@Last, beauty with a purpose and a personal charity close to my heart, leukaemia and lymphoma research. I organised events such as cake stalls, table top sales and a local fashion show to raise money and awareness for the charities. Competing in a territory that was so alien to me made me challenge myself as an individual; to find the confidence within me to harness my nerves and push for success. My determination shined through and I gained the title, Miss. Fitness by competing in the boot camp of Miss. South Yorkshire. Although I didn’t win, after a year out to focus on my A-levels I competed again for the title of Miss. South Yorkshire 2013 this time being successful and also winning Miss. Talent. I believe my commitments and true desire to gain a title that represents my beliefs, helped me to achieve this.

My zest for life, I would say, stems from my passion for sport; I became captured by swimming from a very young age, and have been a dedicated competitive swimmer for over a decade. My love for sport does not lay only within the pool; representing my school as captain at first team hockey and netball empowered me to be the motivated resilient young woman I am today, and harboured a confidence within me to not shy away from challenging situations but to seize the opportunity. Netball is a big part of my university life, we have travelled all around England playing other university teams and soon we are to be jetting off to Spain for our first netball tour. As a child I loved to sing; my mother’s always telling stories of how I would insist on singing the lullaby songs before bed time. As soon as I was out of reception and into ‘big school’ I could not wait to be able to join the choir, I remained a member from the age of 6 till leaving school at 18, during this time reaching grade 5 singing. A goal of mine is to set up a choir in my university just so other people in my position can carry on their singing passion in a fun, social environment.

Through my dedications to sport it is a necessity of mine to maintain and gradually improve the high level of physical fitness demanded of me; this has influenced my keen interest in the aspects of a healthy lifestyle, and given me an eagerness to broaden my knowledge. Through studying A-level Sport studies and my first year of university I have become overly aware to the factors contributing to increasingly sedentary lifestyles, and the countless barriers affecting all age groups from participating in regular physical activity. Although physical activity is widely acknowledged as exceedingly beneficial to health, only 37% of men and 25% of women in the UK achieve the recommended levels of physical activity. With a constant decline each year there is an urgency to attend to the factors creating our sedentary nation, and an importance needs to be stressed upon basic nutritional necessities. Due to the increased rise of illness\’ related to food, such as; obesity, anorexia, diabetes and malnutrition, the need to educate our society and across the world to the positive effects of a healthy balanced diet and the dangerous effect\’s that accompany an unstable diet, is at its highest importance. To gain the title of Miss. England would provide me with the opportunity to make a positive impact to the lives of others, taking them from a sedentary lifestyle to an active one and educate others to their dietary requirements. Hopefully I will be able to communicate my enthusiasm onto the next generation, providing them with the eagerness to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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