Categories and Levels of Cisco Certification Exams

Cisco does not require you to work your way up through the professional certification program. Instead, IT professionals are allowed to take whichever certification path is appropriate for their level of experience and expertise with various Cisco products and technologies. There are several levels and categories of Cisco certification exams available, each of which measures the test takers’ skill and ability level as well as his or her expertise with a particular Cisco product or technology.

To explain further, there are five primary levels of Cisco certification exams as well as two job-level specific, targeted entry level exams. The five primary levels include: entry, associate, professional, expert and architect. The job-level specific exams include the technician and specialist tests offered for IT professionals in the more entry level stages of their career development with Cisco products and technologies.

In addition to Cisco certification exams offered at different skill levels, the company also provides you the chance to measure and validate your abilities with different products. Exams fall into multiple categories, including: network security, storage networking, routing and switching, design, service provider, wireless and voice technologies and products.

Whichever level or category of Cisco certification exam you decide to pursue, ensure you’re successful in taking your test by dedicating enough time and energy to your studies. You’ll also want to use a good exam prep service, like which gives you the chance to hone your knowledge through extensive tutorials and exam engines and also makes it possible to measure your progress with learning the crucial testing materials by taking practice exams.

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