Catherine Zeta-Jones: Bingo’s Beauty Queen

It’s always important to find a great style inspiration, and for many people, celebrities play the part nicely. With the paparazzi constantly hounding them for photo opportunities, trying to catch them off-guard and not quite at their best, celebrities go through twice as much effort to look amazing at every point of the day.

Catherine Zeta-Jones retired from the public eye a few years ago, but this hasn’t stopped her from keeping in shape. In photos from an outing with her family late last year, everyone could see that this beautiful actress looked like she hadn’t aged in over 10 years. In fact, she seemed to look even younger than she had in an appearance in 2003.

Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Catherine Zeta-Jones enjoys a shameless game every now and again

So what’s the secret to her youthful appearance? What exactly has she been doing that we haven’t? It turns out, the answer might be bingo. Every year, the Oscar winner plays a game of bingo with her beau, Michael Douglas. Catherine has played the game since she was a child, and even used to make the cards and balls herself. Nowadays, she organizes a Christmas bingo game for her friends and family.
Bingo is always regarded as an unfashionable game. It’s drab, and possibly even uninteresting. However, the game seems to be trying to infiltrate the fashion scene and become a real contender for celebrities’ favorite game. Every year, a “Celebrity Mum of the Year” is announced by FoxyBingo on Twitter, honoring the public’s choice of most inspirational mom. Emma Bunton and Katie Price have both been named Celebrity Mums of the Year, but this year, Catherine Zeta-Jones might just be in the running.

Of course, bingo isn’t her only secret. Last year, she also revealed to the Telegraph that she’s a fan of ballet, walking on a treadmill, and — surprise! — hula-hooping. But there’s really nothing quite like the childhood game of bingo to bring together her family and friends on Christmas day. “Michael thinks it’s a bizarre game, especially all that bingo lingo, but it’s a bit of fun and last year he won a nice bottle of aftershave.”

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