Dika Restiyani won the first-ever Muslimah Beauty pageant

Dika Restiyani was crowned the winner of the first-ever Muslimah Beauty pageant in Jakarta on Tuesday. Dika was chosen from among 10 finalists in the contest, not only for her looks but also her success as an entrepreneur, her work for charity, her intellect and her ability to recite the Koran.

Muslimah Beauty pageant, according to the Jakarta Global, is Islam’s Answer to Miss Universe. At the Puri Agung Grand Ballroom in West Jakarta last Tuesday, 10 young women appeared on stage in colorful hijabs and dresses. Sitting on the floor with an open Koran, they chanted the holy verses, mesmerizing the audience with their clear, sonorous voices. The young women were all finalists of Muslimah Beauty 2011, a beauty pageant held for young Muslim women in Indonesia.
The contest aims to recognize the beauty and potential of young women who wear hijabs. Candidates for the pageant had to fulfill a number of requirements to enter. The contest was only open to Muslim Indonesian women between the ages of 18 and 24, over 165 centimeters in height, who wore the hijab every day, could read the Koran — in Arabic — and were fluent in another foreign language.
Source: Jakarta Global.

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