Estefani Chalco Crowned Miss Latin America in the World 2011

Ecuador wins Miss Latin America in the World 2011
Estefani Chalco is the first woman from Ecuador to be crowned Miss Latin America in the World in 27 years of the pageant’s history. The event took place in the Dominican Republic, with 30 participant countries. Andrea Sandoval, Miss Venezuela, was the 1st runner-up; Cintya Regert, Miss Brazil, was the 2nd runner-up; Joanna Diaz, Miss Colombia, was the 3rd runner-up; and finally, Yaneth García, Miss Mexico, was the 4th runner-up. The semi-finalists were the representatives of Guatemala, Portugal, Bolivia, Spain, Uruguay, Philippines, and the Dominican Republic. Congratulations!
Special thanks to Oscar Flores. Source: Global Beauties.

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