Grace Levy Crowned Miss Greater London 2013

Road to Miss England 2013:
Grace Levy was crowned Miss Greater London 2013 at the pageant held at the Hippodrome in Leicester Square on Sunday night of January 20, 2013. The beauty from Titchfield is 23 years old and stands 5’11”. She will compete in the Miss England 2013 finals to be held in Torquay on 16th of June 2013.

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Grace Levy Crowned Miss Greater London 2013

Grace Levy Crowned Miss Greater London 2013

Grace grew up in the village as was Titchfield’s Carnival Queen in 2006. In 2011 she orgainsed a mass ‘Thriller’ dance in The Square and last year she was on hand to crown the current Miss Titchfield.

Grace Levy, Miss Greater London 2013

Grace Levy, Miss Greater London 2013

Grace is seen here (right) helping to promote last year's Bonfire Boys Fashion Exchange event and (below) in 'Thriller' mode after dancing for the carnival crowds.

Grace is seen here (right) helping to promote last year’s Bonfire Boys Fashion Exchange event and (below) in ‘Thriller’ mode after dancing for the carnival crowds.

Grace Levy frofile:
Achievements: To date I feel I have achieved so much, I have had a fantastic education which includes 9 GCSEs all at grade A, 3 A-levels in science and a honors degree in Psychology. I am now working as a teaching assistant in schools for boys with emotional and behaviour difficulties, which is extremely challenging and is an achievement in itself as it has made me incredibly strong and determined, and I never would have thought I would be strong enough to do it. I am also an event manager and global coordinator of the charity event Thrill the World, which brings people together all over the world in a simultaneous performance of Michael Jackson’s famous Thriller dance. I have single handedly organised all of my events and raised thousands for various charities and brought my local communities together. I was also lucky enough to be on the TV Show Take Me Out and even got a date to the lovely Isle of Fernando’s. Despite not being a perfect match with my chosen date, I have since found something special with a contestant who originally turned my light out! Winning the Title of Miss Greater London is now a great achievement of mine as well, and I am so proud to be representing our Capital city at the Miss England Finals this summer.

Talents: I would consider myself to be very multi-talented! I am a very creative person and have a flare for art and sculpting, I also play the clarinet at a grade 8 standard. Having family in Italy has given me the chance to learn and speak Italian, which I love to use at every opportunity and am always improving. My main talent however is also a passion of mine, which is dancing like Michael Jackson. Being the event manager of Thrill the World has given me the opportunity to teach others his infamous moves and routines, and there’s nothing I love more than dancing along to my favourite music with a sequin glove!

Ambitions: My Goal in life is to be happy and healthy in whatever I do, as you never know what path you are going to take. However, I am very passionate about teaching and want to use my enthusiasm for academia to inspire the younger generation to learn. It saddens me that not everyone has access to a decent education and I want to help provide the education that everyone deserves no matter what their background is. I also want to carry on coordinating Thrill the World, and want to involve as many people as possible so we can re-break the world record for the largest thriller dance and raise even more money for worthy charities and projects around the world.

Reason to participate in the pageant: I have always followed the Miss England Beauty Pageant and am inspired by the strong, independent yet caring women who win. They inspire me to be the best person that I can be everyday; my self belief has grown and I have achieved truly amazing things and I hope that one day I can win too and go on to inspire other girls to be the best that they can be too. When everyone believes in themselves they have the power to do great things, and more great things need to be done in the world! I also believe I have the desired personal attributes to not only to be a hard working and successful ambassador within our country, but a prepared and passionate representative at Miss World.

Photo courtesy of Phil Burner, Nick Reynolds.

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