Jose Anmer Paredes of Venezuela Wins Mister International 2013

Jose Anmer Paredes of Venezuela was announced the winner of the male pageant Mister International 2013 held on November 21st, 2013 in the capital city of Jakarta, Indonesia. Jose of Guasdualito is 28 years old and stands 1.83 m. With the title, Jose walks away with around USD 7000 cash among several other prizes.

Jose Anmer Paredes Mister International 2013

Jose Anmer Paredes of venezuela (third from left) is the winner of Mister International 2013 male pageant.

His court included the first runner-up Alburn Sultan from Indonesia, the second runner-up Jhonatan Marko of Brazil, the third runner-up Gans Briseno of Mexico, the fourth runner-up Gil Wagas of the Philippines and the fifth runner-up Antonin Berenek of Czech Republic.

Mister International 2013 Jose Anmer Paredes

Mister International 2013 Jose Anmer Paredes

Mister International 2013 top 10 completed with representatives from Slovakia, China, Colombia and Singapore. The top 16 quarter-finalists completed with representatives from from Costa Rica, Turkey, Slovenia, Canada, Italy, and Chile.

– Mister Photogenic : Albern Sultan – INDONESIA
– Mister Congeniality : Jeremy Wyatt Akin – USA
– Best National Costume : Sergio Isaac Lopes Goti – PANAMA
– Ideal Body Award : Jose Anmer Paredes – VENEZUELA

The event is produced by Alan Sim, from Singapore.

Here is the transript for the Q&A section:
Questions for Indonesia: If you were in a TV show and can deliver a message to the audience, what topics would you pick?

Answer Indonesia: The message conveyed is because only live once so live it well, healthy, and meaningful to many people.

Question for the Philippines: How do you behave when you have a good friend who value life differently from you?

Philippines Answer: As a basketball player, he was able to confront all grades and he will entrust everything to God

Question for Venezuela: Who do you think contemporary figures are inspirational figure for you?

Venezuela Answer: He chose Angelina Jolie because Angelina Jolie is known but also to use his popularity in social action to help people a lot.

Questions for the Czech Republic: Do you think it important for a man to come help with household work?

Czech Republic Answer: Yes, because he himself lived with his mother just so she can be doing housework help his mother.

Questions to Brazil: When you get a new ability, the ability you want?

Brazil Answer: He wants to get an unlimited intelligence and will use it to help people

Question for Mexico: Did you feel have an impact on the people who know you?

Mexico Answer: He felt an impact for many people because of its charisma

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