Megan Lynne Young’s Victory Completed Philippines’ Collection of Major Pageant Titles

The only space left in the Philippines’ collection of major pageant titles in the world is the Miss World crown. Megan Lynne Young’s victory in Miss World 2013 held in the neighbor country of Indonesia completed that collection.

Melanie Marquez Miss International 1979

Melanie Marquez bagged the third Miss International title for the Philippines in 1979 when she was only 15 years old.

Let’s have a look at the achievements of the Philippines in pageantry.

Miss Universe: the Philippines bagged 2 Miss Universe titles in 1969 and 1973. Gloria Diaz of the Philippines was crowned Miss Universe titles 1969 in Miami Beach, Florida, USA, becoming the first Filipina woman to win the title. Four years later, Margarita Moran once again won the title for the Philippines during the pageant held at the 2,000-year-old amphitheatre of Odeon of Herodes Atticus, in Athens. At the time of her crowning, Margarita was a college student from Maryknoll College in Manila (now Miriam College), fashion model and the granddaughter of a former Philippine President, Manuel Roxas.

Miss World: before Megan, the Philippines came closest to the Miss World throne in 1973, the same year that Margarita Moran was crowned Miss Universe. Evangeline Luis Pascual was the first runner-up to Marjorie Wallace of the United States. However, when Marjorie was fired just 104 days after her crowning, Wallace was never officially replaced by one of her runners-up. In 1993, Sharmaine “Ruffa” Rama Gutierrez was crowned the second runner-up at the Sun City Entertainment Centre in Sun City, South Africa. Arene Cecilia Anas Amabuyok was the fourth runner-up in Miss World 1968.

Miss International: The Philippines has won 4 Miss International titles: Gemma Teresa Guerrero Cruz in 1964; Aurora Pijuan in 1970; Melanie Marquez in 1979 (it is noted that she won the title at the age of 15); and Precious Quigaman in 2005.

Miss Earth: As the home country of Miss Earth pageant, however, the Philippines won only one Miss Earth title in 2008. During the pageant held at at the Clark Expo Amphitheater in Angeles City, Philippines, Karla Henry bested other 84 beauties from the world to win the crown for the first time ever for the country.

Miss Supranational: last month, Mutya Johanna Datul bagged the first title of Miss Supranational for the Philippines at the conclusion of the pageant held at the Sport’s Palace of Minsk, Belarus.

Miss Tourism Queen International: Justine Vinluan Gabionza won the first ever title of
Miss Tourism Queen International for the Philippines in 2006. The pageant was held in Hangzhou, China with 86 entries.

Other Philippines’ Minor Pageant Titles:
7. Miss Asia-Pacific International (4 Titles)
8. Miss Tourism International (2 Titles)
9. Miss Globe International (1 Title)
10. Top Model of the World (1 Title)
11. Miss Model of the World (1 Title)
12. Miss World University (1 Title)
13. Miss University International (1 Title)
14. Best Model of the World (2 Titles)
15. Miss Ford Supermodel of the World (1 Title)
16. Miss Tourism World (2 Titles)
17. Miss Global Queen (1 Title)
18. Queen of the Year International (2 Titles)
19. Miss Int’l. Beauty & Model Festival (1 Title)
20. Miss Internet WWW (2 titles)
21. Miss Cyberspace International (1 Title)
22. Bride of the World (1 Title)

Regional Titles (Asia, USA):

23. Miss Asia (2 Titles)
24. Queen of the Pacific (2 Titles)
25. Mrs. Asia International Tourism (1 Title)
26. Miss Southeast Asia (2 Title)
27. Southeast Asian Top Model of the Year (1 Title)
28. Miss ASEAN Charming (1 Title)
29. Miss Asia USA (7 Titles)
30. Mrs. Asia USA (1 Title)

Male Pageants:

31. Manhunt International (1 Title)
32. Mr. International (1 Title)
33. Mr. World University (1 Title)

LGBT Pageant/s:

34. Miss International Queen (1 Title)

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