Miss Earth 2013: Latest Designations, Replacements and Withdraws

As more than 90 Miss Earth 2013 Contestants are ready for the trip to the Philippines, we bring you the latest updates on the Designations, Replacements and Withdraws as well as the timetable for the arrival of contestants.
Miss Earth Belize 2013 Amber Reneé Rivero seems to be the first to depart her country for Miss Earth 2013. Amber was crowned on August 24th, 2013 and departed the country on Saturday, November 9th. However, en route to Manila, Philippines, she will stop-by at Miami, Florida, for a few days for final training for the pageant.

Amber Reneé Rivero Miss Earth Belize 2013

Amber Reneé Rivero was crowned Miss Earth Belize 2013 on August 24th, 2013 and departed the country for Miss Earth 2013 on Saturday, November 9th.

– Belgium: Kristina de Munter was appointed to represent Belgium, she was previously Miss International Belgium 2011.
– Colombia: Diana Ortegon was appointed as “Miss Tierra Colombia 2013” after a casting call took place.[78]
– Curacao: Archangela Garcia was appointed to represent Curacao, she was previously Miss Curacao 2013 Contestant.
– Korea: Catharina Choi was appointed to represent Korea, she was previously Miss Korea 2013 4th Runner-up.
– Romania: Ioana Mihalache was appointed to represent Romania, she was previously Miss Universe Romania 2012 1st Runner-up.

– Albania: Natalia Stamuli is replaced by Afroviti Goge because Stamuli did not reach the minimum age requirement.
– Curacao: Silvienne Winklaar is replaced by Archangela Garcia.
– Guatemala: Cristina Marcucci is replaced by Jimena Mansilla Wever.
– Korea: Han Soo-Min is replaced by Catharina Choi.
– New Zealand: Nicole Fairbrother is replaced by Nela Zisser. Nicole is unable to compete in Miss Earth as she needs to take exams to gain University entrance next year. She is currently reviewing day and night for the exam.
– Paraguay: Karen Duarte is replaced by Leticia Cáceres Nuestra Belleza Paraguay 2013 1st Runner-up.
– Russia: Elina Kireeva is replaced by Oleysia Boslovyak.
– Ukraine: Natalia Varchenko is replaced by Anastasia Sukh.

María Jimena Mansilla Wever - Miss Earth Guatemala 2013

María Jimena Mansilla Wever is the new Miss Earth Guatemala 2013. She replaces Cristina Marcucci.

– Argentina: No contest held
– Botswana: This year’s winner will compete next year.
– Cook Islands: No contest held
– El Salvador: This year’s winner will compete next year
– Finland: No contest held
– Honduras: Due to lack of support from sponsors.
– Kenya: No contest held
– Malta: No contest held
– Nicaragua: No contest held
– Pakistan: Shanzay Hayat will not compete due to lack of support from sponsors.
– Uruguay: No contest held

Miss Earth Reunion 2013 and Miss Earth Mauritius 2013 will be leaving this November 14
Miss Earth Austria will be departing on November 14.
Miss Earth New Zealand departs on 15th November
Miss Earth South Africa departs on 14th
Miss Earth Bahamas departs on November 14
Miss Earth Bosnia and Herzegovina departs on November 15
Miss Earth Chile departs on November 15
Miss Earth Portugal departs on 14
Miss Earth Canada leaves on November 15
Miss Earth Zimbabwe departs on November 14
Miss earth Netherlands departs on the 15th
Miss Earth Korea departs on the 16th
Miss Earth Albania and Kosovo departs on the 15 November
Miss Earth USA will depart on November 13

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