Miss Minsk 2013 Yana Kontsevenko scandal

Newly crowned Miss Minsk 2013 Yana Kontsevenko finds herself in the middle of a scandal when her topless photos at a party in Minsk night club last year came from no where just hours after her coronation. In the photos posted on social-networking websites, a 21-year-old blonde’s then-boyfriend licked alcohol from her nipples.
Reacting to the leaked photos, the new Miss Minsk tried to remain calm despite a squall of negative comments on her social networking page.

Miss Minsk 2013 Yana Kontsevenko is in trouble for her leaked topless photos.

Miss Minsk 2013 Yana Kontsevenko is in trouble for her leaked topless photos.

“Nobody has the power to ruin my happiness,” Kontsevenko said. “Don’t even try, you snakes!”
Her current boyfriend said the photos were leaked by Kontsevenko’s pageant rivals. “These days, 90 percent of young women act the same way in night clubs,” the 24-year-old man who only identified himself as Denis told the Komsomolskaya Pravda-Belarus daily.

Not only the winner Yana, other beauty queens competing at Miss Minsk 2013 are also in trouble. Natalya Bashura, the first runner-up in Miss Minsk 2013, works as a go-go dancer – and a leaked photo shows her displaying her assets in a revealing bunny outfit.

Yekaterina Voitus, who won the Miss Friendship award, is a professional stripper who advertises her talents online.

Three other finalists of Miss Minsk 2013 were members of a provocative girl band whose English name resembles a Belarusian obscenity. One of the three, Anzhelika Tikhonovich, also known as “Topless DJ Lika White,” pioneered “topless DJing” in nightclubs in Belarus and neighboring Lithuania.

The scandal has polarized Belarusian society and local media are urging the pageant’s organizers and officials to “dethrone” the beauty queens.

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