Miss New Hampshire 2012

Road to Miss America 2013: Miss New Hampshire 2012 pageant will be held this April. 27 finalists will be vying for the Miss New Hampshire crown, a $15,000 scholarship, and the chance to become the next Miss America.

>>> Megan Lyman Crowned Miss New Hampshire 2012

Miss New Hampshire 2012

27 finalists of Miss New Hampshire 2012 Pageant

Here are the names of the finalist: Lauren Rose Carter, Sarah Mousseau, Jill Granucci, Rebecca Caroline, Megan Cooley, Brittany Morgan Dube, Rebecca Rendina, Julia Neveu, Kendall Wipff, Lissa Silk, Kelsy Ferdinando, Skylar Wood, Megan Lyman, Regan Hartley, Linda Montminy, Devenn Glickman, Lauren Elizabeth April, Chantel M, Jess Avelar, Janine Mitchell, Catherine Gile, Erica Millett, Holly Blanchard, Samantha Massahos and Katrina Lynne.
Courtesy of Katrina Bernard Photography.

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