Miss Universe 2012 will be held in December

The Miss Universe 2012 pageant will be held for the first time in December instead of September as usual, according to information circulating on social networks and websites that specialize in beauty pageants in recent days.

Reigning Miss Universe Leila Lopes

Reigning Miss Universe Leila Lopes

The franchise holder of Miss Universe Puerto Rico, Desiree Lowry, confirmed in his account of ‘Twitter’ tweet information to “It’s official-The Miss Universe pageant will be broadcast on NBC in mid-December”.

According to some sources, the above-mentioned information was emailed to the national directors of the franchises of each country by the Miss Universe Organization.

The reason for MUO to move the date until December is unknown. However, a lot of people expressed concern that year end is the time of U.S. presidential election and Olympics in London, the Miss Universe might loose its audience.

Currently, the venue for Miss Universe 2012 is yet to be decided. Sources revealed that it appears to be in South Africa. December is summer time in South Africa.

With the held in December, reigning Miss Universe Leila Lopes, who was the only Miss Universe paraded in ‘New York Fashion Week, will have the longest Miss Universe reign (15 months). Currently, Canada’s Natalie Glebova (Miss Universe 2005) is the queen with that record (13 months and 23 days).

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