Miss World Canada 2010 Results

Miss World Canada 2010 results:
[I forgot the winner’s name. She’s a brunette in a red gown.] She looked so much better on stage. She bagged the photogenic and swimsuit awards… yes, the most superficial awards, so they were really looking for beauty. But, she did pretty well in the question round too.

I was betting on Deanna Gold, but I think she’d fair better at Miss Universe Canada. She looks a lot like Alice Panikian. I also liked Sofia Teleguina, who looked amazing in her shimmery blue gown. Both made top 12.

Poonan was a crowd favorite, but clammed up in her question. She finished 2nd runner-up.

The pageant was 4 hours and 30 minutes long. So boring! The male host kept messing up his cues. The first hour and a half was spent watching the contestants drag their dresses across the floor as they walk in glacial paces. There was no swimsuit competition. After the 20 minute intermission, they announced the top 12. The judges were right on the money with the top 12, I have to say. Very good top 12.

They got it right with the top 3 and the eventual winner. I’m sure she will make an impact at Miss World, especially at the Beach Body fast track event.

  1. it was a scam
  2. Margaret

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