Mister World 2012 Scandal

The website vocero.com reported that two Mister World 2012 candidates were caught in a room engaging in an embarrassing situation.
At the moment it is not known what allegedly happened.

>>> Francisco Javier Escobar Parra of Colombia Wins Mr. World 2013

Until now, Mister World 2012 spokesmen has not revealed the names of the two above-mentioned Mr World 2012 candidates.
The other candidates know who the two are, but they were advised to shut up if they don’t want to be kicked out of the competition. However, according to vocero.com, several sites revealed the names as Mister Venezuela Jesus Sambrano and Mister Belgium Gianni Sennesael.
Let’s wait and see what is happening next.

Source: http://www.vocero.com/escandalo-podria-sacudir-a-mister-world-2012/

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