Mister World 2012 – Talent Competition

On November 11, 2012, the Talent Competition of Mister World 2012 was held. 27 contestants took the stage to perform their auditions for the talent competition. The talent on show was very impressive and gave the judges some serious food for thought at the end of the day, before making their final selection. The competition saw 8 singers, 10 dance acts, 3 magicians, 3 musicians, 2 martial art routines plus some comedy, sports performances and several more unique and interesting routines. It was an impressive array of talent from the competitors, which were very impressive.

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Photo: The final magic act was Vietnam, who performed a slick and dynamic routine, which included firing a handkerchief magically across the room from a gun into the middle of a chain of handkerchiefs (that one you will have to see for yourself!). Vietnam also performed contemporary dance as the second part of his act, leaping high into the air, expressing powerful emotions through his display.

Below are the top 12 of Talent Competition:
– Bolivia – Christian Michalsky Baez
– Canada – Frankie Cena
– Colombia – Francisco Escobar
– Croatia – Vanja Grgeć
– Czech Republic – Milan Nevosad
– England – Roland Johnson
– Mongolia – Enkhbold Erdenetuya
– New Zealand – Courtenay Bernard
– Singapore – Edison Ho Jian Yang
– Venezuela – Jessús Zambrano
– Vietnam – Trương Nam Thành
– Wales – Rhodri Ihenacho

Photo: Singapore performed 3 well-rehearsed tricks, including transforming a cards number, and determining the judge’s card through the art of melting metal wire!


Photo: England played a song that he wrote himself, accompanied by his guitar. The judges were very impressed with his song writing skills and his musical abilities, commenting on how catchy his tune was, and were impressed with the composition. After describing himself as a musician first and a singer second, the judges were quick to dissuade him from downplaying his vocal talents, going on to say he had a good voice that could be great with a bit of work.
Courtesy of Mr. World website.

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