Mor Maman Crowned Miss World Israel 2014

Mor Maman was crowned Malkat Ha’Yofi Israel 2014 (Miss World Israel 2014)at the conclusion of the national pageant held on march 4th, 2014 at Crowne Plaza in Tel Aviv. The 18 year old beauty from southern Israeli city of Beersheba will represent the country in Miss World 2014, scheduled for this November in London, England.

Mor Maman - Miss World Israel 2014

Mor Maman (C) is the winner of Malkat Ha’Yofi Israel 2014 or Miss World Israel 2014.

Moore Maman is studying computer graphics and will join the Air Force soon. Her mother was also a beauty queen, Miss Beersheba. Four years ago, her mother fell and lost her memory. When Moore came to the hospital to see her, she could not recognize her daughter. Moore began to throw a tantrum and neglect herself. Unfortunately, her father had a heart attack right afterward. Moore had no choice but to stand-up. From a spoiled teenager, she became a responsible girl. When she graduated with honors and went on stage to receive the diploma everyone applauded. Happiness did return to her house.

Miss World Israel 2014 - Mor Maman

Newly crowned Miss Israel 2014 Mor Maman (right). She will compete in the Miss World 2014 pageant.

Doron Matalon was the first runner-up and will represent Israel in the Miss Universe 2014 pageant. The second runner-up was Tamar Skorsirb, The third runner-up was Sasha Alexsandra Shuturov. The fourth runner-up was Natalie Prepelitzki.

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