Mrs. America 2012, Vicki Sarber

Vicki Sarber from Alaska was crowned Mrs. America 2012on August 29, 2012 at the Lowes Ventana Canyon Resort in Tucson, Arizona. 51 beauties from across the America competed for the tittle. The pageant was hosted by Florence Henderson from the iconic series, The Brady Bunch, and her daughter and actress, Barbara Chase.

Mrs. America 2012, Vicki Sarber (L)

Mrs. America 2012, Vicki Sarber (L)

The first runner-up was Jessica Harvey, Mrs. North Carolina. The second runner-up was Laura “Stacey” Snee, Mrs. Hawaii. The third runner-up was Jamie Cherlan, Mrs. Iowa. The fourth runner-up was Juliet-Tietjen, Mrs. Utah. The fifth runner-up was Bethany Sharp, Mrs. Tennessee.

Special Awards:
– LaHoma Caudill (California) was announced as Mrs. Congeniality
– Leah Bartos (New York) was announced the winner of Publication Award.

The costume competition:
– Michelle -Des Ormeaux- Merrill (Louisiana) was presented with the Most Whimsical Costume.
– The Most Original Costume was given to Vanassa Sebastian (Connecticut).
– The Best Costume was awarded to Jamie Cherlan (Iowa).
Broadway style performance:
– Danyele Gardner (South Carolina) was presented with the first Carol Wior Swimsuit award.
– Vicki Sarber (Alaska) was presented with the Seacret award.

The Top 15 semi-finalists: Kirin Christianson (Arizona) and Erin Piibor (Oregon), were voted into the semi-finalists by raising the most money for charity online. Laura “Stacey” Snee (Hawaii), Kristie Jelinsky (Nevada), Michelle Flake (Arkansas), Brandi Pope (Virginia), Bethany Sharp (Tennessee), Ali Carr (Minnesota), Vicki Sarber (Alaska), Jamie Cherlan (Iowa), Jessica Harvey (North Carolina), Juliet-Tietjen (Utah), Vanassa Sebastian (Connecticut), Leah Bartos (New York). The 15th finalist, Stephanie-Duffield (West Virginia) was chosen by a raffle.

After competing in Fitness and Evening Gown the 15 semi-finalists were narrowed down to the Top Six Finalists: Vicki Sarber (Alaska), Bethany Sharp (Tennessee), Juliet-Tietjen (Utah), Jamie Cherlan (Iowa), Laura “Stacey” Snee (Hawaii), and Jessica Harvey (North Carolina). The finalists were all given the same question to answer, “What do you want the judges to know about you that they don’t already know?” Though all contestants heard the question at the same time, the order in which they answered was determined by drawing a number out of a fishbowl.

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