Norma Julia Dethroned, Sabine Banet is the new Miss Roussillon 2013

Norma Julia, who was crowned Miss Roussillon 2013 for Miss France 2014 on August 11, 2013, was dethroned by the regional committee for “non -compliance of the Miss France regulations”. Her first runner-up Sabine Banet is therefore the new Miss Roussillon 2013 and will compete in the upcoming Miss France 2014 pageant, scheduled for December 7th, 2013 in Dijon.

Sabine Banet Miss Roussillon 2013

Sabine Banet is the new Miss Roussillon 2013 after Norma Julia gets dethroned.

Miss Roussillon 2013 Sabine Banet

The newly crowned Miss Roussillon 2013 Sabine Banet. She will compete in the Miss France 2014.

Sabine Banet, 20, is a third year business student and a horse-riding champion.

The reason for Norma Julia’s dethronement is her “partially naked artistic photos”. According to Thierry Mazart, president of the Miss Roussillon committee, even though “these are not at all pornographic pictures”, it is stated clearly in the Miss France regulation that a candidate who poses for fully or partially naked pictures and/or acting erotically is not allowed to participate. “The message is clear and there will be no exceptions. We especially remember the dismissal of Valerie Begue after discovering her sexy photos,” he said.

After being deposed from the title, Norma Julia said on her social media that the decision is unfair. ” Having been always very honest (sometimes maybe a little too much) and never hiding anything. However, the regional Miss France committee decided to remove me from my title. They have the decision-making power and they are interpreting the incident in their own way. They are in fact very disappointed that I could win this title in my first participation,’ Julia wrote on her facebook and wished her successor “courage in a world of illusions and disillusions .. . ”

According to her lawyer, Philippe CapsiĆ©, Norma Julia showed these pictures to the committee prior to her competing. “Miss Julia confirms the existence of these artistic photographs in which she appeared partially naked in an artistic context, but what we do not understand is the reaction of the organization. These photos were provided to the organization in January 2013 and it is knowingly that the organization had validated the candidacy of miss Julia. So why does the committee suddenly decide to dethrone Norma Julia?,” he questioned.

“It is partially naked. You can see the top of her body and she has her hands covering her breasts. So what? It is not a photo scandal,” he added.

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