Panama refuses to host Miss Universe 2013

Panama says no to hosting Miss Universe 2013. MUO is asking $12 million for bringing the Pageant to Panama but Panama’s president Ricardo Martinelli thinks it’s too much!

What seemed like a done deal, and even of bigger expectation with the classification of Miss Panama in the Top 10 of the recently held Miss Universe pageant, went to shambles after government authorities in the country announced that Panama will not hold the competition in 2013, something that had been confirmed previously.

On Thursday, Salo Shamah, head of Panama’s Tourism Administration, confirmed to newspaper “Mi Diario” that Miss Universe Organization directors held several reunions with Panama authorities and that 2013 had always been the designated year, since according to them, 2012 is ‘already taken’.

After conversations with the President Ricardo Martinelli, the government of Panama, decided this week, that is in no position to hold the Miss Universe pageant in 2013. According to Shamah, the contest was asking for the astrominical fee of USD 12 million, an amount of money that the Government cannot afford to spend at this moment. “We don’t even have 12 million dollars for our annual advertising budget”, added Shamah.

He also said that chances that the private business take over the initiative are not optimistic. “Even if private companies were able to fund half the money that is needed, it is still a big hit to our Government’s budget”.

He considered that the few minutes that showcase the country during the telecast are not worth that much money, and also that ‘most viewers of this contest are people from Asia, who have no direct flights to our country’.

Donald Trump came to Panama in July for the inauguration of the Trump Ocean Club. During those days, he reunited with President Ricardo Martinelli who was excited about the idea; however, the priority of the national budget is destined to the finalization of Panama’s Subway System, scheduled to open its first line in 2014. Apparently, during those days, there were no talks about money.
Mi Diario, Global Beauties.

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