Panel of Judges for Miss International 2012 Finale announced

The judges will be responsible for choosing the Top 12 finalists and the winner of new Miss International 2012 pageant.

Maria Fernanda Cornejo, Miss International 2011 Winner

Maria Fernanda Cornejo, Miss International 2011 Winner, is also a judge in the Miss International 2012 finale.

The panel includes 15 judges. They are:
1. Hiroko Sho
Public Interest Incorporated Foundation for Okinawa Cultural Promotion
Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University councillor
Okinawa Service Prize Winner, The Order of the Saced Treasure Winner

2. Teruko Kubota
UNESCO Association in Okinawa Vice Chairperson
Judge for beauty pageants in municipalities

3. Yasuyo Kaneko
Chief Executive Officer,
C’BON Corporation,Ltd.

4. Akiko Santo
The House Councillors Member
LDT House of Councillors member,
former Deputy Chariperson

5. Yuki Ikenobo
Kado-Ikebnobo,the next Head Meister
Japan Ikebana ARt Association
Vice Chairperson

6. Yasumine Satake
Chairman of Public Interest Incorporated
Association for Japan Opera Promotion

7. Toshihiko Hirosaki
Work to stimulate regional economies
and urban regeneration

8. Akio Nishizaki
WAO corporation Co.,Ltd. CEO, Film Director
engage in educational projects
promotes Japanese sub-culture to the world.

9. Junko Koshino
Starting off with ’78 the Paris Collection, became leading designer in the fashion field
Has won numerous prizes.

10. Akemi Shimomura
Beauty Analyst, Shape Up House Co.,Ltd. CEO
Miss Paris School Chairperson
Japan New Business Conferences Vice Chairperson

11. Marlene Villela-Talbott
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
of The Republic of Honduras to Japan
Miss Honduras For Miss International 1977

12. Hiroko Kumon
Yamano college of Aesthetics Visiting Professor
Beauty Analyst
Miss International 1967 Miss Japan

13. Maria Fernanda Cornejo
Miss International 2011 Winner
Miss Ecuador
Model, Student of Nutrition

14. Takashi Tajima
Special Advisor, Kokusai Bunka Kyokai
International Cultural Association

15. Hirofumi Hashimoto
President, Miss International Beauty Pageant
International Cultural Association Chairman
Member of “52nd Miss International World Competition in Okinawa” Host Committee

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