Queen of the Universe 2013 Pageant

Miss Universe Puerto Rico 1998 and 2nd RU of MU 1998, Joyce Giraud, created her own beauty pageant with purpose called “Queen of the Universe Pageant”. The first edition of the pageant, Queen of the Universe 2013, will be held in Los Angeles, California on January 26th, 2013.

What’s different about this pageant? Well, the rules are pretty much the same as other beauty pageants, the contestants should have been born, lived or have a blood tie with the country they’re representing, the difference is, that girls from 18 to 33 years old can compete in this pageant, and also, married, divorced or women with children. The only thing is, that the winner cannot get pregnant during her reign.

Joyce Giraud, the founder of the pageant

Joyce Giraud, the founder of the pageant

Oralia Cortes - Queen of the Universe Mexico 2013

Oralia Cortes – Queen of the Universe Mexico 2013

All the contestants have to represent a charitable foundation, and the winner will be working with UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). Joyce doesn’t wan’t a queen that can only say that she want’s world peace and doesn’t do anything to accomplish it, but she want’s a queen that can really work for it and give her grain of sand, so that’s why all the money raised during the queens reing will be donated to UNESCO.

This is the link to the Queen of the Universe 2013 Contestants:

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