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Miss USA 2014 in Miami

Road to Miss USA 2014

Miss USA 2014 in Miami?
During the Miss USA 2013 finals shows, Donald Trump confirmed himself that Miss USA 2014 will be held in summer 2014 in Miami, Florida. He also added that he he planned to move Miss USA to Miami for three years starting in 2014.

Miss USA 2014 in Miami

Donald Trump is planning to move Miss USA 2014 pageant to Miami, Florida.

Trump’s comments about moving Miss USA to his Doral Golf Resort and Spa next year were in response to a question from Robin Leach about the future of the show. He said, “Miss USA is moving to Miami next year and probably for a couple of years.” He added that the show has had great success in Vegas and he planned to return it to the city after it plays at Doral, no matter how many years.

However, during the post-pageant news conference held minutes later from the stage at PH Live, Donald Trump said there would be another announcement at the Miss Universe pageant about the future of Miss USA and did not specify a move to Miami.

So what we do know at the moment is that Miss Universe 2013 will be held at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow, Russia on November 9th, 2013.

For the official venue for Miss USA 2014, we have to wait and see, at least to the finale of Miss Universe 2013 this November.

Brittany Snitze, Miss Florida USA 2014 contestant

Reining Miss Collier County 2013 Brittany Snitze, Miss Florida USA 2014 contestant

Dates of state pageants for Miss USA 2014:
The Miss USA 2014 season will begin this July with Miss Florida USA 2014, held in Hollywood, Florida.

July 13 – Florida

September 1 – Texas

September 8 – Rhode Island

September 14 – Michigan

September 15 – Wisconsin

September 22 – Wyoming

October 5 – Tennessee

October 13 – District of Columbia, Hawaii, Iowa

October 19 – Washington

October 20 – New Jersey

October 26 – Louisiana

October 27 – Colorado, West Virginia

November 2 – Idaho, Mississippi

November 3 – Indiana, South Dakota, Maryland

November 9 – North Carolina, Ohio

November 10 – Missouri

November 16 – Alabama, Virginia

November 17 – Connecticut

November 23 – Georgia, South Carolina

November 24 – Illinois, North Dakota, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Vermont

December 1 – Delaware, Minnesota, Oregon

December 8 – Pennsylvania

December 22 – Kansas

January 5 – Nebraska

January 12 – Nevada

January 14 – Arkansas

TBA – Alaska, Arizona (November), California, Kentucky, Maine, Montana, New Hampshire (January), New Mexico, New York, Utah (October)