Vo Hoang Yen shining at Miss Universe 2009 pageant

Vo Hoang Yen is taking the third place in the “Miss People’s Choice” poll of Miss Universe 2009 on Missosology, a website on pageants. She is also among the top entrants of Miss Universe 2009 on Global Beauties website.

Nina Cleopatra, an expert and an analyst of contestants at the Miss Universe pageant affirmed on missosology.org said that Hoang Yen would be the most brilliant Asian contestant. Although she said that Hoang Yen’s face was not “beautiful” or “stunning”, however, Yen possessed a very good skill of performing.

“The first time I saw this girl in a You tube video, I was blown away! She just floats gracefully on the catwalk exuding both confidence and technique in every step,” Nina wrote.

“Her catwalk is “to die for”. I love her movement and attitude on so many levels. First, she walks with such ease and her flow of movement is super. She connects with you when she walks to a point she can be intimidating. She exudes energy and confidence with a very intense seductive stare,” Nina continued.

The 21-year-old model said that by participating in the event, she hoped to change foreigners’ perceptions about today’s young Vietnamese women who were confident and outgoing, but still uphold traditional values.

“ I think how I present myself at this pageant will make people have a different opinion about me. I’ll keep renewing my image to win judges and audiences’ hearts,” she said.

Hoang Yen is a familiar face on the covers of magazines and at major fashion shows. She was one of the top 10 finalists at the Miss Vietnam Photo 2006 contest, won the gold prize in the national Vietnam Supermodel 2008 competition, and was first runner-up at the Miss Universe Vietnam 2008 pageant. Yen is 1.78 m tall with the measurements of 92 (bust), 62 (waist) and 93 (hip).

Yen brought 12 dresses to the pageant, including an evening gown created by top designer Nguyen Cong Tri and three traditional yet innovative ao dai (long Vietnamese tunics) from the ABC fashion line.

Tri said that the brightly colored gowns, which were inspired by the sea and mermaids and sewn in two months, cost US$15,000 in total. According to Tri, the dresses will compliment Yen’s beauty and image as a sensual, chic, elegant model.

The finale of the event is set to take place on August 23.

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