Wen Xia Yu reacts to criticism

Wen Xia Yu, Miss World 2012 winner, tells her bashers (translated from Mandarin): “You guys can bash me all you want, but I won fair and square and your girl did not. Get over it! Now let me eat my Kung Pao chicken and leave me alone!”

Wen Xia Yu, Miss World 2012

Wen Xia Yu, Miss World 2012, says she won the competition fair and square

This is her reaction to the criticism right after her being crowned. Right after the news of her winning circulating on the Internet, a lot of nitezens posted their disapproval of the pageant’s results. Some said the result had been fixed and Wen Xia Yu did not deserve to win, even the Talent fast-track. Some even went as far as saying “China is really doing everything it can to rule the world!”
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